A day in the life of a sweet packer.

When you start high school and you start to make choices about where you would like to be in life and what your dream job would be, you have it all figured out. OR so you think......
It definitely didn't enter my head that I would grow up to pack sweets for a living or own a pick ‘a’ mix takeaway. So how is it that I enjoy it so much?
We often share with you the background of Sugar Rush and how we have grown to deliver in different areas with such a great range of sweets but we have never shared with you what it is like to work with sweets every day.
From the minute I open my eyes I have sweets on the brain. New sweets, new products, fizzy sweets, jelly sweets every sweet imaginable and it makes me smile. I have always loved sweets but the love has always been on the other side of the fence with the eating of them. Now daily I'm looking at the ingredients, suppliers, brands, different ways to present them and how to keep some of the old favourites alive.
Nine times out of ten I stop for a Costa coffee (other brands are available) on route to work, but nothing masks the sweet smell when I open the door to the Sugar Rush Hub and your hit with all these different aroma’s. From lemon bonbon’s and coconut mushrooms to mint chocolate and fizzy bubblegum bottles. Even on the darkest of days its funny how a bright colourful pick ‘a’ mix selection can lift the spirits.
Once in the hub I pop on my hair net ( not the best look haha) alongside my apron and gloves (I now look as though I'm ready for theatre). When you look at the finished box of sugar rush sweets sealed and ready for delivery you often forget how much has already gone into the order up until that point. I have never been artistic, however (if I dare to describe my job as art) I take great pride in how my boxes are made and what sweets are chosen for the selection.
After going through stock choices and picking out my minimum of 40 choices to pack with I restock our packing tubs and lay out our boxes (compostable I may add). This is where my job becomes fun. Fighting the temptation to want to eat all of the sweets for my breakfast, I start to pack them into the boxes. Making sure there aren't too many fizzy ones and the ratio of chocolate to sweets is just right. I also like the colours to look just right (me trying to be a Picasso) and the selection to suit most age groups. With every new sweet I select the sweet smell just continues to feel the air and with the music playing along in the background, my feet tap to the beat while the boxes become fuller and fuller.
Before I know it the boxes have reached their desired weight and time has flown by. On busy days my foot tapping to the beat and my unawareness to time can get me into a little trouble when the courier and franchises are due to collect their orders.
Despite the panic I manage to weigh, quality control check, close, leaflet and heat seal every box ready for them to be dispatched to all of our lovely customers.
Now the ‘sugar rush’ (excuse the pun) is over, I look back at my packing station and realise that where I think I have been making art I've actually just been making a mess.
All tubs are cleaned out ready for the next packing day, sides wiped down and floor swept (despite best efforts those pesky millions and rolling chocolate footballs have other plans for their destinations).
My job is done and I leave the hub remembering half way into my journey home I still have my hair net on.
Happy Wednesday :)
Sugar Rush Hub

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